Week 2 – Start of Maximum Hypertrophy 8 week program

Week 2 was a slight improvement in tracking my macros but yet again I failed to stay within my range on a few days.   More focus and will power required.

Week 2 stats:

Start of Week Weight: 180 lbs
End of Week Weight: 178.2 lbs
Target Calories:  1758 (SUN,MON,WED,THU,SAT)
Macros: – Fat:  50g , Carbs: 139g , Protein: 188g , and Fiber: 20g min – 70g max
Target Calories:  2152 (TUE,FRI)
Macros: – Fat:  56g , Carbs: 224g , Protein: 188g , and Fiber: 25g min – 70g max

Slight lose of 1.8 lbs for the week, started to add in more cardio (walking w/ incline 20%, speed 3.8mph).

Week 2 workout logs:

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