Week 1 – Review

Week 1 was a good test, although I nailed all my workouts, I was less than stellar tracking my macros.  Slipped up on a few occasions and ended up gaining weight during my first week weight in.

My starting point was:

Weight: 177 lbs
Target Calories:  1777 (SUN,MON,WED,THU,SAT)
Macros: – Fat:  61g , Carbs: 120g , Protein: 187g , and Fiber: 15g min – 70g max
Target Calories:  2118 (TUE,FRI)
Macros: – Fat:  66g , Carbs: 194g , Protein: 187g , and Fiber: 25g min – 70g max

After week 1 and at least 4 of the 7 days I was over on macros due to binge eating, resulting in a gain of 3lbs.  End of week 1, new weight: 180lbs.

Avatar Nutrition Profile
Avatar Nutrition Profile

Below is my workout log for the week, which I wasn’t really following a program this week as I was still adjusting from vacation.  Program tracking starting on week 2 with the B.F.I.E.R.S.E Maximum HyperTrophy program.

Week 1 - Workout Logs
Week 1 – Workout Logs

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