Week 2 of Maximum Hypertrophy 8 week program

Diet was more accurate this week, with only one day of some binge snacking late night.  Weight went down, but moving forward I will be base the weekly loss on the weekly avg. vs weight on day of weight in.  Below is an example of my macros for Tuesdays and Fridays where my Carbs and Fats are increased.

Week 2 Maximum Hypertrophy workout logs:

Week 2 – Start of Maximum Hypertrophy 8 week program

Week 2 was a slight improvement in tracking my macros but yet again I failed to stay within my range on a few days.   More focus and will power required.

Week 2 stats:

Start of Week Weight: 180 lbs
End of Week Weight: 178.2 lbs
Target Calories:  1758 (SUN,MON,WED,THU,SAT)
Macros: – Fat:  50g , Carbs: 139g , Protein: 188g , and Fiber: 20g min – 70g max
Target Calories:  2152 (TUE,FRI)
Macros: – Fat:  56g , Carbs: 224g , Protein: 188g , and Fiber: 25g min – 70g max

Slight lose of 1.8 lbs for the week, started to add in more cardio (walking w/ incline 20%, speed 3.8mph).

Week 2 workout logs:

Week 1 – Review

Week 1 was a good test, although I nailed all my workouts, I was less than stellar tracking my macros.  Slipped up on a few occasions and ended up gaining weight during my first week weight in.

My starting point was:

Weight: 177 lbs
Target Calories:  1777 (SUN,MON,WED,THU,SAT)
Macros: – Fat:  61g , Carbs: 120g , Protein: 187g , and Fiber: 15g min – 70g max
Target Calories:  2118 (TUE,FRI)
Macros: – Fat:  66g , Carbs: 194g , Protein: 187g , and Fiber: 25g min – 70g max

After week 1 and at least 4 of the 7 days I was over on macros due to binge eating, resulting in a gain of 3lbs.  End of week 1, new weight: 180lbs.

Avatar Nutrition Profile
Avatar Nutrition Profile

Below is my workout log for the week, which I wasn’t really following a program this week as I was still adjusting from vacation.  Program tracking starting on week 2 with the B.F.I.E.R.S.E Maximum HyperTrophy program.

Week 1 - Workout Logs
Week 1 – Workout Logs

First Post Thoughts

I have decided to create this site with the sole purpose of logging my fitness journey, which will included transformation photos, workout logs, and recipes mostly.

I plan to use this site as an accountability tool for myself as a plan to post my daily workouts and nutritional logs.  I have never had an issue with the workouts, but can slip off on my macro tracking easily, so hopefully this will help me stay focused and avoid to many slips.